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In this post, we discuss best Gorillapod for GoPro action cameras in India. Most of the mobile Gorillapod can be used for GoPro action cameras. However, we have checked all these with GoPro hero 5 black camera. Gorillapod is also known as Gorilla tripods or spider tripods or octopus tripod.

Here we are going to discuss Gorillapods for GoPro cameras, not traditional tripods. A tripod provides stability for both still and motion photography. It reduces camera shakes. The advantages of Gorillapod or gorilla tripod over traditional tripods are

Best Gorillapod For GoPro In India 2021


JOBY is the big name in tripod field. JOBY revolutionized the camera accessories market sometimes now with its GorillaPod line of flexible tripods. JOBY GorillaPod Action Video Tripod is imported from the US. Easily wrap the legs around trees and poles, or just get the balance you need on uneven surfaces. The key features are

  • JOBY’s award-winning, flexible GorillaPod arm lets you quickly position your GoPro at just the right angle
  • Easy to use the flexible tripod for action video cameras like GoPro HERO6 Black, GoPro HERO5 Black, GoPro HERO5 Session, Contour and Sony Action Cam
  • also fits 360 Cameras like the 360 Fly
  • Quick Set-ups: Comes with two quick-release clips-Mount for GoPro and the standard 1„4″-20 tripods clip-so it works with all action cameras
  • Precise control with integrated ball-head Quickly orient your action camera with 90° tilting and 360° panning capabilities
  • The secure camera almost anywhere Flexible, wrappable legs with rubberized rings and foot grips provide stability; Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 25.7 cm (2.17 x 2.17 x 10.12 in) Weight: 191 g (0.42 lbs)

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There is a Joby Action Camera Suction Cup & GorillaPod Arm for GoPro cameras. I personally felt this is more comfortable than a Gorillapod. Check out the here.

2.Yantralay 10 Inch Flexible Gorillapod Tripod With Attachment for Action Cameras Yantralay 10 Inch Flexible Gorillapod Tripod With Attachment for Action Cameras

Yantralay 10 Inch Flexible Gorillapod Tripod is one of the most sold tripods in Amazon. This Tripod can hold up to 2kg in weight. Hence it is suitable for all types of action cameras. It comes with the mobile holder. You can use for your mobile also. The key features are

  • Portable & Lightweight Flexible Tripod.
  • It features three flexible wire legs and rubberized ball feet
  • Each leg has balls & socket joints that can rotate 360 degrees.
  • The rubberized ring and foot grips provide enhanced stability on difficult terrain.

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3.Fotopro Flexible Gorillapod Mini Tripod Stand with Gopro Mount Fotopro Flexible Gorillapod Mini Tripod Stand with Gopro Mount

This is handy and flexible Gorillapod, you can twist its arms around anything. It comes with Gopro Mount & Mobile Holder. Key features are

  • The legs can not break no matter how to twist it and can fix its legs to anywhere tightly Flexible legs can change shape for all kinds of places by attaching anywhere for better creativity. Such as being placed on a desk, the table like a normal tripod, or work like an Octopus wrap the flexible legs around tree limbs, chain link fences, poles even on the handlebars and more
  • The UFO2 head is very strong, max loading can be 3kg, Waterproof
  • Featuring a ball head that can be adjusted to various angles, the UFO2 also includes adaptors for both GoPro Hero cameras

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4.SoloFlix High-Quality Gorillapod Tripod with Flexible Stand SOLOFLIX HIGH QUALITY GORILLAPOD TRIPOD WITH FLEXIBLE STAND

As you can see in the image this gorillapod is totally different from others. It has a unique design. Legs are different, superb rubberized material used for tripod legs. This type of gorillapods is also known as octopus camera tripod. Overall the quality is amazing. It is worth every penny. It can be safely placed anywhere you want such as rock, branch, barbed wire, fence. the gorillapod alternate supporting beyond geographical restrictions. The key features are

  • IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY TALENT IN ANY ANGLE- Optimize your photo or video shots with this travel Gorillapod tripod. Flexible mini tripod Legs can be twisted for all kinds of places by attaching anywhere for better creativity.
  • UNBREAKABLE MATERIAL- Made with Fiberglass this mini stand helping to bend in any direction without breaking. It is durable and strong even when making curly. This spider tripod Bend its legs to create a handle for front camera photos, vlogging or hand-held on-the-go video
  • The bundled 360-degree detachable ball head can be used to hold the camera up to 3KG. Helpful for the vertical and lateral photo or video shoot.L egs wrap around objects for unlimited angles and precise composition control
  • The fashionable and unique new design helps to create low and high angle shots with interchanging leg angle lock mechanism.

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5.Mini Tripod for GoPro (Gorilla Pod Red Velvet 6 inch) MINI TRIPOD FOR GOPRO (GORILLA POD RED VELVET 6 INCH)

This Mini tripod is another good Gorillapod for your GoPro or any other action cameras. This tripod comes with mount head. This is 6 inch; however, there is 13-inch leg size also which you can select from the same page while buying. Other key features are

  • Easy Mounting
  • A reliable grip: rubber pads secure phone, Camera & GoPro in place, even when turned sideways.
  • Great for Recording Pictures & Video:the tripod allows you to take pictures/movies or watch movies on your phone, you can set it on the table or you can put it in unconventional positions to suit almost any location
  • Flexibility: over two dozen leg joints with rubberized ring and foot grips allow you to bend and rotate 360° for enhanced stability in difficult terrain
  • DIMENSIONS: Weight: 155 G, Height: 6 Inch, MAX LOAD: 1 (KG), Perfect for Travel: compact and lightweight, this tripod is perfect to throw in your bag for Phones, Camera & GoPro


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