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Newborns obtain immunity from breast milk and the breast milk is the best choice for baby growth, but sometimes you have no time to feed your baby directly. Are you struggling to breast feed your baby in your hustle life ? Most of the women do face problems regarding breast feeding as they are working class women.  One of the most essential item required by mothers today are breast pumps. Breast helps in storing breast milk and providing the essential nutrients for your little one. There are two types of breast pumps available in market. They are manual and electric breast pumps

Electric Breast pumps : If you are working class women, we would highly recommend for electric breast pump as pumping is easier and taking very less time. It needs either a battery or a power outlet. Battery operated pumps are easier to carry as well as they are inexpensive.

Manual Breast Pumps : If you are house wife, or you opt of occasional pumping, we would suggest manual breast pumps. As the name suggests you have to pump your breast milk manually. It is inexpensive and can carry anywhere. If you want to look for our Best Manual Breast Pump Picks

Here we have listed the best electric breast pumps. Let’s have a look.

Best Electric Breast Pump

1. Medela Swing Maxi Flex Double Breast Pump


Medela makes one of the best breast pumps products. This breast pump is a double electric breast pump that expresses up to 18 percent more milk than single expressing, saving you up to 2 hours. The swing maxi breast pump comes with 1x swing maxi motor unit, 2x connectors, 2x 150 ml breast milk bottles, 2x bottle stands, 2x personal fit breast shields, 1x calm a solitaire for feeding. The Medela breast pump is simple and easy to use throughout your breast feeding journey. Another attractive feature is its personal fit breast shields, it offer comfort for your breast and nipple, further sizes can be purchased. The comfortable personal fit breast shield is gentle on your breasts and helps to prevent nipple trauma whilst you pump. The swing breast pump uses two-phase expression technology which simulates natural baby sucking behavior at the mum’s breast, for a natural feeling breast pumping experience.


2. MEDITIVE Double Electric Breast Milk Pump


This Double electric breast pump from Meditive, is more comfortable and efficient than a manual breast pump. . It is equipped with touch sensor button, LED screen, two working modes (massage + suction). The suction can be adjusted to 9 different levels. This breast pump has a Built-in rechargeable lithium battery which can be charged using a USB adaptor which is included in the package. When switched on, the breast pump automatically starts in massage mode for two minutes to help stimulate milk flow and make pumping more comfortable. And you can turn off this function if you don’t need. When it comes to the noise, it is very quiet and the sound is less than 40dB during operation, which does not disturb the baby.


3. NOYMI Pain-Free Enhanced Suction Version Electric Breast Feeding Pump


Our next suggestion is from cmbear automatic electric breast pump. The breast pumping parts are made of premium materials. It can be used in 3 modes with 9 suction levels for each mode. provides gentle and comfortable pumping experience, it matches baby’s feeding patterns & maximize comfort & milk production. Portable and compact design, built-in 1100mAh large capacity battery and USB cable allows you to use the charging adapter pump about 2 hours after full charge. So you can use or charge the breast pump anywhere anytime.


4. Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump


A single electric breast pump is ideal for mums who pump milk frequently and value being able to pump effortlessly, at the touch of a button. The breast pump has a compact design, which makes it easy to hold and position on your breast. The small, lightweight base unit can easily be placed within comfortable reach for full control when pumping. For extra convenience in transport and storage, the tube simply wraps around the base unit. Easy to use on the go with batteries.


5. Medela Swing Breast Pump


If you are looking for a much compact product from Medela, we would recommend this swing breast pump. It is ideal for frequent and occasional use. Designed with fully automatic 2-Phase expression. Easy to adjust vacuum buttons for individual comfort. Portable and lightweight. Powered with mains adaptor or batteries.




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