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Art and crafts has been accepted widely among people especially housewives through the emergence of many social apps and social websites. It has unfolded so far from decorating the house to a profitable business now.

For sticking the papers with the same old glues are a mess and totally frustrating to do. So people have come up with absolutely stress free gun glues. It can stick from papers to metals to wood.

What is a glue gun? Glue gun is a tool with plastic glue sticks and a heat element inside. When you trigger the gun, the glue stick melts down and oozes out of the nozzle. Thus it performs very easily without sticking and dirtying your hands. Glue gun is a must have for who like making crafts or such works.

Here we have come up with best glue guns in India which enhance your creativity.

1. Stanley 69GR20B Gluepro Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun

If you are looking for good quality and functional hot melt glue gun, you can choose Stanley without any second thought. It will help you to fix your broken hair pins to wooden stuffs and cloths. It heats up quickly within 3-5 minutes. No leakage yet observed since the trigger- feed mechanism controls glue flow. It is fully safe and easy to use. It folds- out stand for handy storage while in use.


  • It would take 5 minutes for the glue to reach the working temperature (if the power input is 220-240V AC, 50Hz)
  • Time to wait for glue stick to melt – 3-5 min for corded. 2-3 minutes once the product is charged for cordless
  • Please use standard 12mm glue sticks only
  • The heat gun must be charged for 10-12 min before using the cordless feature. The cordless feature can be used for 7-10 minutes only post charging. You should charge the gun again post 10 min of usage
  • Fold-out stand for safe handy storage while in use
  • Trigger-feed mechanism controls glue flow


2. ApTechDeals 40w 40 Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun Coated Nozzle.

Aptech deals hot melt glue guns are an ideal adhesive for home, office and school DIY craft projects. It functions well and helps to enhance your creativity with metal, glass, card, fabric, plastics, ceramics and what not! It takes just 3-5 minutes to heat up and melt down the stick and maintains a constant temperature automatically. You can regulate the flow with trigger propulsion device as it helps you to control and ensure the craft not getting dirtied. When it comes to the price, it is very cheap with long-lasting quality. Apart from other gun glue machines, it is very light weight yet sturdy.


3. Unigear 60/100 Watt Plastic Glue Gun with 20 Sticks (White)

If you are looking for a light weight yet functionally good glue gun, then unigear has all covered up. It performs very well with high tech ptc technology. Though it comes with plastic material you don’t need to worry about handling it, it has been equipped with thermal insulated soft grip handle for professional applications with heavy duty glue output.


4. Glun Kobra 40W Hot Melt Glue Gun With On Off Switch And Led Indicator (Yellow Gun With 5 Sticks)

If you are longing solely for bonding and pasting work, glun kobra melt glue gun is an ideal choice. It is high performing yet cheap in price. It comes up with a stand to ensure the safety while working on it. It melts up the stick quickly and without leakage. It has included 5 sticks and who doesn’t want a fabulous deal while purchasing?


5. ANSIO Hot Melt Glue Gun 60 Watt with PTC Heating for Arts and Crafts Compatible with 11 mm Glue Stick (Purple)

Ansio is a top class professional glue gun with compact ergonomic design, which will never fail your expectations. It has equipped with brass nozzle which helps in the smooth flow of glue and for maintaining the temperature. Well ansio covers up all the minute defect that can happen in a gun glue machine. They are very much concerned about the burning of your hand, so it has been supplied with high temperature protective silicon rubber that protects your hand. It melts up quickly and favors you to professionalize craft works with fabric, glass, card, plastic, and ceramics and so on.



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