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In the present world, both men and women are working. Every morning will be in a hustle especially  for feeding mothers. One of the most essential items required by mothers today are breast pumps. Breast pump helps in storing and carrying of breast milk, making it possible to provide all the essential nutrition of breast milk. Before buying a breast pump you need to opt for the one precisely suits your needs. There are two types of breast pumps available in market. They are manual and electric breast pumps

If you are  working class women, we would highly recommend for electric breast pump as pumping is easier and taking very less time. It needs either a battery or a power outlet. Battery operated pumps are easier to carry as well as they are inexpensive. Check our picks of Best Electric Breast Pumps Here

If you are a house wife, or you opt of occasional pumping, we would suggest manual breast pumps. As the name suggests you have to pump your breast milk manually. It is inexpensive and can carry anywhere.

If you are opting for occasional pumping, we are here to help in choosing the best manual breast pumps. Let’s have a look.

Best Manual Breast Pump


1. Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump

The Philips AVENT Comfort Manual Breast Pump has been designed to provide the maximum possible comfort to mothers, when pumping milk. It allows you to lean forward while pumping and the massage cushion stimulates the flow of milk in a gentle yet effective manner. It is designed in a compact lightweight and easy cleaning manner.


2. R for Rabbit First Feed Manual Breast Pump

R for Rabbit is a well known brand producing baby products. R for Rabbit’s manual breast pump is BPA Free and made with material which is safe for skin. opts for your comfortable power with 4 suction level adjustment. You can sit comfortably with straight posture to express the milk. It is portable, soft, unbreakable, light weight to carry it where ever you want. Anti back flow feature helps preventing the back flow to imitate the baby’s natural feeding style.


3. LuvLap Manual Breast Pump

LuvLap is one of the cheapest breast pump available without compromising the features.The soft silicon cushions helps in expressing milk comfortably. Well designed ergonomic shape is for better grip and easy pumping with one hand. Comfort soft silicon cushions helps in expressing milk comfortably. The attractive part is its 100% Serializable feature. All parts can be sterilized. Intuitive design for easy assembly and cleaning. It comes with an extra container for pumping and milk storage.


4. Trumom Manual Comfort Baby Breastmilk Breast Pump

Our next suggestion is from a renowned brand among moms. Trumom’s Breastfeeding Pump with Temperature Indicator Ring is 100% made from food grade silicone. It is safe for mommy and baby and it is reusable. It is specially designed to collect the leaking milk while nursing on the other side. It pumps out the milk from your breast by the natural pressure. It is more gentle and pleasurable than using electronic pump that may hurt your nipples by strong suction. It is also soundless while pumping. Your baby deserves to have a quiet moment instead of the noisy motor sound while nursing. With its soft and ultra-light design. Best feature of this cute product is its temperature indicator ring. Red Color ring Indicates the temperature is ideal for drinking, White Colors alert it is too hot, ensuring the baby’s safety


5. Medela Harmony Breast Pump

Medela Harmony is one of the few manual pumps in the world featuring 2-Phase Expression technology. The breast pump simulates the natural baby sucking behavior at the mother’s breast. It is ideal for occasional use. Unique 2-Phase expression for faster let down and milk flow. Mimics a baby’s natural nursing rhythm more precisely than any other system. Swivel handle allows adjusting pumping position for maximum comfort. It is highly efficient, practical and lightweight.




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