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Toys have evolved drastically in a good direction, thanks to the advancement in science and engineering domains. Along with that, today’s kids hobbies and games have taken a leap. In this very post, we help you to find a new age electronic gadget gift to your kid that is controlled by a remote control. The list of best remote controlled toys includes cars, drones, helicopter, etc.

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Fantasy India Yellow Remote Control Hummer


Best Remote Controlled Toys India

As hinted in the title, this post will include only the budget-friendly and new remote controlled toys.
Here goes, the list of top best remote controlled toys where you can buy from Amazon India.


If you would love to see detailed reviews of our top picks, please read on.

1. Toyshine Rock Crawler Remote Control Monster Car

This is our number one pick and this sizzling monster car toy is apt for kids of all groups. And, we are sure this one will be turn to be your kid’s favorite toy. This is not just any car design, but a monster car and hence, boys will sure like it.

Toyshine Rock Crawler Remote Control Monster Car India

Why you should buy this Monster truck?

    • Introduced in the market in late 2017 and hence it is still 2018ish
    • High Price to Quality ratio and Price to Enjoyment ratio are guaranteed to make you content
    • Advanced remote control with multi-buttons, similar to the ones you see in booster boards
    • Tyre  is made up of high quality rubber material and other parts use high grade ABS plastic making it durable

You can buy the Toyshine Rock Crawler from this link.

2. Super Toy Quadcopter 360° Drone

Our second pick targeted towards kids older than 12 years. However, younger kids too can play using this super Quadcopter 360 Drone provided they are carefully monitored by elders during the play.  The title in Amazon can be a bit deceiving with the word ‘Professional’ on it. However, in the drone toy category, this one beats it’s peers and it is of supreme quality.

SuperToy Drone Professional

What are the specifications you should know?

  • Flying Range : 40 metres.
  • No Camera
  • Weight : 410g
  • Battery: 380 mah
  • Flight Time : 8 minutes on a single charge
  • No charge adapter is included, only the charging cable is provided.
  • Each leg got a LED on it.
  • Working frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Easy caliberation

You can buy the Super Toy Drone Quadcopter from this link.


This cute rechargeable robot from Webby is targeted towards young kids and not meant for the teens.  However, for small kids this is a bit heavier on the side. This robot comes with a remote control with multiple soft keys, each one having an assigned action.

Webby Robot IR

What are the HIGHLIGHTS AND LOW-POINTS of this product?

  • Product Dimension – 11.5 x 29.5 x 19 cm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Not rechargeable, have to change batteries
  • Bit noisy
  • Remote control is bit buggy and not so responsive at times.

You can buy the Super Toy Drone Professional Quadcopter from this link.

4.Innovation Infrared RC Rattle Snake Toy 

Out of all among in the list, this one is apt for young kids. As a kid, most will have an extra curiosity to creeping creatures like snakes. Hence, on first see only, the kid will have a creepy interest . Compared to normal shakes or walks, the snake movement is difficult to achieve. Hence this innovative product definitely qualifies to be in the list of best remote controlled toys.
Robot Rattle Snake


  • This works well in indoor floors, however it doesn’t work perfectly in the uneven surfaces.
  • Should be handled carefully as the built quality is a par down from the standards
  • Realistic movement and advanced remote concept.
  • Charging adapter is not included in the box, however you can use the cable provided with any mobile charging unit.

You can buy the Super Toy Drone Professional Quadcopter from this link.

5.Fantasy India Yellow Remote Control Hummer Toy Car

We would have listed this as #5 on the list. But, this one beats all when it comes to the price/quality ratio. And, above all, this is cute and raunchy at the same time. Thus, making it as a great gift for young boys.

Fantasy India Yellow Remote Control Rechargeable Hummer

Why you should buy this?

  • Standard Built quality – It’s made up of good and tough plastic.
  • Good responsive – Car responds almost immediately whenever remote keys are pressed.
  • Remote Range – 20 metres
  • Joystick looks professional and is of premium design.

You can buy the Hummer Remote Controlled Toy from this link.

A little Bonus – Flying Start Electronics Discovery Kit

This is not exactly a toy, but this gives an awesome and fun filled introduction to electronics. This neither includes a remote control and hence ideally shouldn’t be part of this list. However, we recommend gifting this to your kid, irrespective of the gender, if he or she have a slight edge or have shown interest to electronics. This will help in giving the initial push to the electronics wonder world.

You can buy the Flying Start Electronics Discovery Kit from this link.

Hope, we were able to assist you in selecting a top and best remote controlled toy.

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