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Good and hot boiled eggs have slowly become essential in a healthy breakfast or brunch. But, the task can be made easy if you rely on egg boilers. Our team with the aid of research have shortlisted the best egg boilers/egg poachers/egg cookers in India.

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KENT Egg Boiler 360-Watt

Cooking eggs should be simple. With these egg boilers, you will get the perfect boiled eggs. In most of these, you need to make a hole by piercing with a needle. Unlike the conventional methods, these machines rely on steam instead of exposing to boiling water. This helps in getting perfect soft or hard-boiled eggs every time. That’s why most of these are called egg poachers.

FUN FACT – If carefully used, some of these boiler devices can be used to boil potatoes and steam other vegetables as well.

Best Egg Boilers

If you would like to read detailed review, please read ahead.

1. Goodway Electric Egg Boiler

This cute portable Egg Cooker is made from good quality stainless steel and can boil upto 5 eggs within 7 minutes. It is one of the best egg boiler in India. It boils egg in steam generated by stainless steel heater in 200W Power with 25ML Water. Once the eggs are boiled, the device will automatically shut down.If you are looking for a budget friendly egg poacher, this one is really for you.

Goodway Egg Boiler Review

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2. Russell Hobbs REG300 Fully Automatic Egg Cooker 

Its features make this egg boiler so easy to use and are so easy to clean afterward. The package includes the boiler, measuring cup and two poaching trays. Using this, you can make the best-boiled eggs. For best results, make sure you make holes in the eggs before keeping them for boiling. This takes 10 minutes for the eggs to get it rightly boiled.

Russell Hobbs Egg boiler

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3. CurioCity EGGPOACH-1 Compact Stylish Electric Egg Cooker

This one is apt if you are looking for a cheap option. At the time of writing this post, the price of this is just 329 Rupees. Yup, you heard it right. And, the great fact is that it is not cheap, it have got a bunch of good reviews. Now coming to it’s features, it’s compact and easy to use. The only down point is the below average built quality. Hence you should be quite careful so as not to accidentally put this down with force.

Curiocity egg boiler Review


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4. KENT Egg Boiler 360-Watt  

Out of the entire list, this one is the having the best built-quality. It provides three mode of operations – soft, hard and medium. You can set it according to your wish on what egg you would like. As aforementioned,  it’s sturdy, but yet compact. Just pierce the eggs with the little needle, pour adequate water and the eggs will be ready in ten minutes.

KENT Egg Boiler

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5. Inovera 2 Layer Egg Boiler Cooker and Steamer

As the name indicates, this one is two-layered. Hence, you can accommodate more eggs and this can be used to steam vegetables as well. This electric boiler egg, with double-layer design, can steam 14 eggs in one go.

Double Layered Egg Boiler


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