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Are you looking for the best budget (Below 1000 rupees) gorillapod for your mobile and camera. Here is the one you are looking for. That is none other than Adofys Gorilla Tripod. You will not find a better budget gorillpoad than Adofys Gorilla Tripod. Read the article for our complete review of Adofys Gorilla Tripod.


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Gorillapod is a type of flexible tripod designed for cameras, smartphones, and other small devices. It has bendable legs that can be wrapped around objects and positioned in various ways for stability. The legs are made of flexible, yet sturdy, material that can hold the device securely in place, even on uneven surfaces. Gorillapod is a popular choice for travel, outdoor and action photography, offering a versatile alternative to traditional tripods.

Gorillapod and traditional tripods are both camera support systems, but they differ in several key ways:

  1. Flexibility: Gorillapod has flexible legs that can be bent and wrapped around objects, while traditional tripods have rigid legs that can only be positioned in certain ways.
  2. Portability: Gorillapod is smaller and lighter, making it easier to carry around, while traditional tripods can be bulky and heavy.
  3. Stability: Gorillapod’s flexible legs allow for a stable base on uneven surfaces, while traditional tripods may not be as stable on uneven ground.
  4. Mounting options: Gorillapod can be attached to objects in various positions, while traditional tripods typically require a flat surface.
  5. Versatility: Gorillapod can be used for various types of photography, including action and travel, while traditional tripods are best suited for studio or landscape photography.

In summary, Gorillapod offers more versatility and flexibility, while traditional tripods offer more stability and versatility for traditional photography. The choice between the two will depend on the type of photography you are doing and your personal preferences.

So if you are looking for traditional mobile tripods then you can check out our article Top 5 Best Mobile Tripod Stands in India 2023

Adofys Gorilla Tripod Review РThe Best Budget Gorillapod 

Adofys Gorillapod brand is a well-known and popular choice for flexible tripods worldwide. Adofys Gorilla pod is a Portable & Lightweight Flexible Tripod. The Gorillapod mobile tripod is made of high quality ABS. Making it a very heavy duty product and giving it an exponentially longer life, as compared to other plastic based camera tripod. Ensuring that even with a very rough usage your mobile phone, camera, phone, DSLR and tripod stand are safe. If Shooting in rough conditions and environments you have a peace of mind that everything will be safe. Best Budget


This is a good model for vlogging also. Many vloggers use Adofys Gorillapod for their vlogs.

A free mobile tripod with holder ensures that you don’t have to purchase a separate accessory for your tripods for dslr camera. The holder can hold any device that you’d like to use with your gorillapod tripod mini tripod. Your camera, mobile phone, iPhone, android, dslr, gopro, camera. It also helps you use the camera tripod as phone stand, mobile stand, tripod stand. Which means you can lock the tripod anyplace you like to use as a video entertainment unit.

A portable design ensures that you can carry and use your mini tripods for mobile effortlessly throughout the day. ABS makes the mini tripod exceptionally lightweight and durable. It is perfect for a long day of gorillapod tripod shooting. Being a camera stand tripod you can also view your mobile phone or DSLR camera recorded videos in rough and unstable environments. With a peace of mind that your tripods for mobile, dslr camera and mobile phone will be safe.


It has universal compatibility. You can use the same for your mobile, DSLR, Gopro and other actiona cameras also.

A clasp based lock brings in the tripod an easy to lock and accurate angle mechanism, to help you lock in the exact angle you desire for your tripod for DSLR camera. It ensures that the angle for your gorillapod tripod for mobile remains exactly how you like, even after hours of usage. The clasp is made of a fail proof mechanism which will ensure your phone tripods never looses the angle while shooting a time-lapse type view. Maximum Load is 3 to 3.5 KG. It is made of high elasticity rubber so bending is very easy.

Also an Anodised finishing rotating sphere in tripods for mobile or gorilla tripod ensures that you get a great load bearing capacity for your dslr camera, mobile tripod, DSLR tripod, gopro tripod. Along with an accurate angle lock. Which ensures that your phone stands can take photos at angles that you desire and will stay in that angle as long as needed. Which also ensures that no matter how heavy your device, the tripods is comfortable and can be used for a long duration.

Adofys on Amazon India:

Adofys Gorillapod is one of the most sold gorillapod on Amazon India. It is a durable and flexible product. Hence there are 10K+ recent orders from this brand on Amazon. The great part is 90% positive ratings from 10K+ customers.

Tip: Beware of counterfeit products. Buy the product from below link to get original Adofys Gorillapod. 

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